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 Part2 for Source tut for kernels

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Part2 for Source tut for kernels Empty
PostSubject: Part2 for Source tut for kernels   Part2 for Source tut for kernels Icon_minitimeSun Jan 12, 2014 6:18 pm

My kernel tutorial

This is an additional tutorial, If you are starting at step one,
$TOP afro Go to my source tutorial

go to google
"specs for "your device name and/or device number"
ex: specs for N9510

find the device chipset info
ex: qualcomm adreno 305 400 snapdragon msm8960

the part that helped me was qualcomm msm8960 0r 8930

now i know i need qualcomm msm source.


you can check for warplte kernel source @ zte's website

either way works.

If you went to my source tutorial

1.) You now have your PC setup with Linux
2.) You have all the libs and toolz
3.) You should have the source for the custom rom
{Maybe you don't want to build source, o well, do you. lol}

$et things up android/system to add your source
add source in system.

After a couple hours.........................

cd android
mkdir kernel
{i put it here to keep it away from my source}
{I also added a "clean" kernel source inside android/system}
cd kernel
now download your source

get a root browser
find your config.gz in your phone
extract it to the desktop
open it with Gvim in ubuntu or wtfe you have
copy/paste into a text editor
save as "your device name here"_defconfig
ex: warplte_defconfig
put this file in android/kernel/arch/arm/configs

open a terminal
cd android
cd kernel
git clone https://github.com/DooMLoRD/android_prebuilt_toolchains

so, now we have a
1.) kernel source
2.) libs & toolz
3.) custom toolchain 4.6.2


fire up a terminal
cd android
cd kernel

$ export ARCH=arm
$ export CROSS_COMPILE=~/android/kernel/toolchains/arm-eabi-linaro-4.6.2/bin/arm-eabi-
$ make "your device name"_defconfig
ex: make warplte_defconfig

$ make menuconfig
{for tweaks}
$ make -j2 {# of cores}
{this will give you the zimage, not prebuilt kernel}
$ make modules

then go to ubuntu file manager
enter into kernel folder root
type in the search box ".ko" without quotations
it produced all 17 modules and i copy
and pasted them into a folder with the zimage.

to build a prebuilt kernel from this
https://github.com/koush/AnyKernel or
git clone https://github.com/pbatard/bootimg-tools.git or
do it in command line


do it inside a source build, like i did for cwm & the kernel

The end

Part2 for Source tut for kernels MVPmTnH

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Part2 for Source tut for kernels
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